Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Constipation - The Funny Side of it

Constipation is neither funny nor a laughing matter. It is really a serious matter. But a few facts can be mentioned to see the lighter side of it.

People spend a lot of time, many of them painfully, in the toilet. It is interesting to know various ways they adopt to spend that much time. And, at the end of it, different people accomplish different things.

One of my friends never ventures into the toilet without news paper. Some take books. My uncle used to take pen and paper. He would finish writing one or two poems inside the toilet. Many carry mobile phones. Finishing a few important calls is time well spent. Right?

I heard people get TV units installed inside the toilet. Very convenient to catch up with morning news and one or two important programs as well. I know some, who finish shaving while waiting for the stool to come out.

People constantly find innovative ideas to utilize the time spent in the toilet. But finally, the very purpose of going to the toilet is not achieved.

The basic thing here is, when you are constipated, getting immersed in some other activities like reading or shaving won't help matters. Keep your mind on the main activity, that is, evacuation. Keeping your mind on your lower abdominal area helps in relaxing the muscles involved and makes the stool movement easier.

Some one pointed out - Man can move things hundreds of kilometers in a minute. But, he spends hours in moving the stool sitting just three inches from the exit! Many times, unsuccessfully. Very sad.

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