Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Importance of Drinking Water Part-1

Importance of drinking water, the basic facts
Water is the second most essential requirement of your body to function properly. There
are seven essential requirements. In the order of importance, they are:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Exercise
  5. Waste removal
  6. Rest
  7. Good thoughts
Why water comes second?

  • Without air, you can’t live more than a few seconds.
  • Without water, you can live for a few days, but not more.
  • Without food, you can live for a few months.
Fortunately, the requirement of air is fulfilled automatically through breathing. But the other six are not so. You have to provide them. This is where the problem comes.

People get into health problems because they give more importance to food and neglect the other five items.

Many drink water as they like or don’t like. If you don’t drink methodically, you won’t get the full benefits of drinking water.

Do you know that you can avoid many major or minor health problems by drinking enough water in proper manner?

Fortunately, people are becoming more aware of the importance of drinking water. But, the awareness is limited to a few basic facts only.

Important facts and health benefits of drinking water

  • Why drink water?
  • What happen by not drinking enough water?
  • Why water is essential to avoid constipation?
  • Best water to drink.
  • How much water to drink?
  • When to drink water?
  • How to drink water?
  • What happens by drinking water with meals?
  • Relation between drinking water and weight loss.
You may find some of these issues very trivial or unimportant. No, they are not. If you don’t drink in a systematic way, you won't get the full benefits of drinking water. Instead, you will land in a few health problems.

These pages will give you the concepts of drinking water. By following these simple steps, you will get the real benefits of drinking water. It is not that drinking water alone will make you completely healthy. But it is a strong basic step towards good health.

Average human body consists of 60% of water by weight, which indicates that you should give more importance to water than food in your daily intake. But people do the reverse. They are obedient to their tongue and eat as per the taste- when ever and what ever they like.

Tongue is a very small part of your body. But, you make the tongue happy and neglect the rest of your body. That is unfair and can lead you to severe health problems.

What do you get if you eat what your tongue likes?— taste!
What do you get if you drink water?— urine! More water—more urine.

So you think- who will pass urine so many times?
It disturbs your work. You are busy and don’t like to be disturbed. So don’t drink water- simple.
Problem solved.

But, it is the starting point to your health problems.

What do you do when you feel thirsty?

  1. You mistake it for hunger and eat.
  2.  You may go for a soft drink, ice cream, fruit juice, beer or some other energy drink, but not water. Even though some of them contain good amount of water, they are foods. They can’t do the work of water.
Your body needs something and you give it something different.

A mistake!

Is it right to expect your body to work properly without giving what it needs?

The result of this mistake?- The brief disturbances (passing urine) you wanted to avoid by not drinking water, can lead to many health problems like constipation, kidney infections, skin allergies, hypertension and drive you to hospitals. It is not only a very long and painful disturbance; you will lose money and peace of mind. Never under estimate the importance of drinking water.

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