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Best constipation Remedies for Effective Relief

There are different types of constipation remedies you can choose – from simple constipation home remedy from the kitchen to the expensive branded one you can buy online. Every system of medicine has a
number of remedies for constipation. You need to be aware of the positive and negative aspect of each one for best results.

Prevention is better than cure - always aim for it. Your body has the wonderful capacity to clean, repair and recharge on its own. Give it a chance.

You fall sick because

  • You ignore the basic needs of your body
  • You interfere with your body’s repair and cleaning process
  • You run to a drugstore as soon as you have a symptom of illness
Constipation remedies won’t work on their own. No manufacturer claims so. Neither does your doctor. Along with medication, you are advised to drink plenty of water, eat good amount of vegetables and fruits, add enough fiber in your diet and have reasonable amount of exercise. Without these, the medicines won’t work.

As you can see, water, fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber and exercise are part of the basic needs of the body. You got into constipation because you neglected them in the first place.


When you are constipated, stool loses water and becomes dry and hard, which makes it further difficult to expel. All the constipation remedies your doctor prescribes are laxatives that are used to loosen the stool and make its movement easy in the colon.

Different laxatives perform different functions:

Bulk forming agents are rich in fiber and mucilage that expands in water and has water retention properties. Thus, bulk forming agents not only increase the bulk of stool, but also make the stool soft, making it move easily through the colon. Bulk-forming agents act very gently on your body.

Stool softeners absorb water from the body and make the stool soft so that it can be expelled easily. Stool softeners are advised when it is absolutely essential to avoid straining (after a heart attack or surgery)

Lubricants or emollients are forms of oil or grease. These substances form an oily layer on the inside of colon walls to 

  • Prevent water absorption from stool to keep it soft.
  •  Make the stool slippery so that it slides through the colon more easily.
Stimulants :Among all laxatives, stimulants are the most powerful and should be used with care. They act on the intestinal mucus membrane and affect water and electrolyte secretion. They also stimulate peristaltic action and can be harmful at times.

Please be aware that long term use of stimulant laxatives causes the colonic tissues to get worn out over time and the colon loses its natural ability to expel feces. Abusing stimulant-type laxatives can lead to permanent impairment of the bowels, and the constipation problem becomes irreversible.

Laxatives give only temporary relief and are not for long term use. They are, no doubt, effective to some extent but, they don’t cleanse. The side effects include dehydration, stomach bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, fever, difficult breathing etc.

Even though recovery is possible with proper treatment, laxative abuse is potentially serious since it can lead to problems like intestinal paralysis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas), renal failure etc…

Constipation home remedies

Knowing that chemically produced constipation remedies not only have many side effects, some times very serious, they are also expensive, many prefer home remedies.

Home remedies mainly consist of certain fruits, vegetables and other naturally available stuff.

The most important benefit of using constipation home remedies is – they are absolutely safe and no side effects.

On the other hand, all home remedies won’t work for everyone. You need to try different stuff to find out which one works for you and many of them are slow acting.


Herbal Remedies are natural laxatives, some of them are bulk forming while some are stimulants. They help in bowel movement and evacuation, but they are not fully effective in colon cleansing.


Ayurveda in constipation

In Ayurveda, the reasoning and explanation are different, but, the concept is same. There are a number of Ayurvedic preparations that have laxative properties and are readily available. It is better to use them with proper guidance, since, many diet restrictions come along with Ayurveda.

In any system of medicine, the principle of all constipation remedies is the same – add bulk to the stool, make it soft, facilitate easy movement in the colon and help in evacuation with minimum or no pain. You need to consider the side effects, safety issues and how fast or how permanent the relief is.

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