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Colon Cleansing Enema – Easy to do it yourself

What is colon cleansing enema?

It is an easy way to clean your colon by removing accumulated stool. Constipation causes stool to get accumulated inside your colon. If all the waste matter that enters the colon is not going out on a daily basis, you are constipated. The ideal daily equation is:

Stool frequency = Meal frequency

That is, if you have three meals a day, you should evacuate three times. The condition is – your evacuations must be satisfactory. When you come out of the toilet, you should feel light and happy. You shouldn’t feel as if something or a lot of it is still left out – it is an unsatisfactory evacuation.

Constipation makes the inside environment of your body dirty. Dirty environment becomes a breeding ground for diseases. Unfortunately, we take great care of only outside cleaning – take bath, use body sprays, wear clean clothes etc. but neglect the dirt inside, getting into many health problems.

Colon cleansing enema is the best and safest way of cleaning your colon. It is also called constipation enema or constipation relief enema.

What is an enema?

Enema is – pushing a liquid into the colon through anus for a purpose. Different purposes of enema are: 
  • To clean the rectum and colon either to relieve from constipation or to do medical examination.
  • To detoxify the body.
  • As alternative medical treatment.
There are different types of enemas - plain water enema, coffee enema, barium enema, saline enema etc - used for different purposes.

For colon cleansing enema, we use plain water – clean/purified/filtered drinking water is boiled and cooled to body temperature before using. That is why it is very safe with no side effects. It is a natural enema because, no chemicals are added.

Homemade enema - How to do an enema yourself at home?

Home enema is very simple and fast. All you need is a home enema kit, clean plain water and a little bit of lubricating jelly or oil. You can buy home enema kits that don’t pinch your pocket and they last for years, if you use carefully.

What does an enema kit consist of?
  • One enema can or enema bag.
  • Long transparent plastic tube called colon tube.
  • Enema nozzle.
  • Catheter.
While buying a home enema kit for colon cleansing enema, take care of the following points:

An easy to clean enema container that doesn’t age with time or usage.

Plastic Enema Can
Stainless steel can is hygienic. However, I prefer transparent plastic can. You can see the rate of water flow and how much water is still remaining in the can. It is difficult to clean an enema bag and it ages with time and usage. A plastic can doesn’t contaminate if you clean it and wipe out the wetness immediately after use.
  • Transparent enema tube made of latex-free plastic as it is difficult to dry the tube completely.
  • Enema nozzle should have ‘an easy to control’ knob that doesn’t leak water.
  • Catheter or insertion tip should be latex free and of correct size for the user.
Normally, enema cans come in 1.5 liter capacity. Doing enema yourself is very easy. Once you do it three or four times, you become more familiar with the whole process.

Enema tube & Nozzle

Lets us go into the process of colon cleansing enema.

The best time for enema is early in the morning before you eat or drink anything and the best place is the bathroom cum toilet. If you have a small platform or bench for lying down, you can avoid lying on the floor.

If you have the habit of passing stool in the morning, it does not interfere with your cleansing – do the colon cleansing enema after passing regular stool.

If you like to do it in the evening, say at 6 P.M, finish your lunch by 2P.M. and don’t eat or drink much after that until you finished enema.

Enema Kit

On the first day, start with one liter of water.
  • Boil the water and cool it to lukewarm. I used the word lukewarm to mean it slightly above room temperature – almost at body temperature.
  • Assemble the enema tube, nozzle and catheter. Attach the tube to the enema can. Close the control knob.
  • Apply lubricating gel or oil to the catheter – just for easy insertion.
  • Keep the enema can at a height of around 3 feet form the level you lie down.

    The location of the can should make it easy to insert catheter into the rectum and the tube shouldn’t have any tension. It is also important that you will be able to observe the water level in the can without straining your neck. The can should stable. It shouldn’t tilt when water quantity decreases.
  • Fill the can with previously prepared water. It is just plain water. No need to add anything else.
  • Open the nozzle control slightly to fill the tube with water without air bubbles and close it back.
  • Lie down on you right side, insert the catheter slowly into the rectum about two inches.
  • Open the nozzle control such that the water enters into the rectum slowly. By observing the water level in the can, you can know how fast the water is going. It shouldn’t be very slow or very fast.
  • Relax. Let the water go inside and spread in the colon. If the water is lukewarm, you will feel it. Never use hot water.
It is very likely that you will feel the pressure to pass stool. Was there an occasion when you had a great urge to pass stool and didn’t have access to toilet? Somehow you had to suppress or withstand the urge? You may get similar feeling and you have to control it. Don’t be alarmed. It will subside in a few seconds. You may get such urge more than once.
  • When all the water entered your colon, you will see air bubbles in the tube, moving from the can towards the rectum. Close the control knob and pull out the catheter from the rectum slowly. At that time, if there is great urge to pass stool, wait until it subsides and then only pull out the catheter.

The first part of colon cleanse enema is complete.

Get up slowly, sit on the commode. Relax. Let it go. Stool gets soft in the presence of water. If you feel only water is gushing out, apply some control to release it as slowly as possible. Stool should pass along with water. It takes around 15 minutes to empty the bowels. You will feel very light after the evacuation.

Do you feel that stool has gone out completely? Good. But, it is not over yet. There is one more step still remaining. Press the lower abdomen a few times and wait. It is to squeeze out more stool. After a few minutes you will get urge and some stool will come out. Apply a bit of strain to expel some more.

Repeat the process of pressing lower abdomen 2nd time and see if some more stool comes out.

Now the process of colon cleansing enema is complete. I am sure you are happy you did it.

Colon cleansing enema is the best way to clean you colon before starting action to get rid of your constipation.

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