Sunday, March 17, 2013

Constipation and Skin Diseases Are they Related?

Skin diseases and constipation? You may find it unbelievable that two seemingly unrelated problems are well connected. Isn’t it so easy to get rid of skin lesions with an ointment, a few pills or, in some cases, an injection – while still being constipated? Not true…

Skin is the largest waste removing organ of our body, the others being lungs, kidneys and


How is waste generated in the body?
It is the metabolism – all the chemical reactions that happen continuously in a living organism for it to survive, sustain, grow and reproduce. Body needs energy. At the cell level, energy is produced by the combustion (burning) of the nutrients from the food you eat and the oxygen you breathe in. This combustion causes release of various waste products and toxins.

The waste products are:

  • Gaseous – carbon dioxide – removed through lungs.
  •  Liquid – water soluble minerals and chemicals – removed in the form of urine through kidneys and in the form of sweat through the skin.
  • Solid – Undigested food, dead cells and bacteria – removed through colon in the form of fecal matter or stool.
Fortunately, most of the gaseous waste gets eliminated without our control through breathing. But the elimination of other forms of waste – liquid and solid – is hampered by us. How?

Skin Abscess

 Water is needed for the formation of urine. You don’t drink enough water - either lack of awareness of the importance of water or you don’t like to pass urine often. Many hold urine for a long time – they are so busy otherwise.

You don’t like to sweat as well - so inconvenient and smelly. The market is flooded with body sprays to prevent sweating.

Bowel evacuation – Many have the habit of holding the urge to pass stool. Unhealthy food habits and lack of physical activity causes constipation - accumulation of fecal matter in the colon.

What happens when you are constipated? Your colon is filled with fecal matter over a length of time. Decomposition and putrefaction happens, making it a heaven for germs and bacteria. Toxins get accumulated and spread throughout the body. The whole body is filled with poisonous toxins.
Skin Allergy


 Body immune system gets affected. Various germs, intestinal worms and parasites start invading the body, making it weak and disease prone.

The body tries to remove toxins through other waste removing organs, as colon is ineffective when you are constipated. The body attempts to eliminate the toxins through kidneys and skin.

If your body is dehydrated (insufficient water), urine as well as sweat formation is hampered.

Situation gets worse if you use body sprays for sweat control. Body tries another way to bring out the poisons - in the form of various skin allergies. Skin abscess, skin ulcer, skin patches, skin rashes, acne, eczema and psoriasis are some of the skin diseases.

Even this attempt of the body is blocked by us. What do you do when you get a skin disease? You run to the doctor. The doctor prescribes a skin cream, an injection or a course of antibiotics. His aim is to make your skin look normal as fast as possible.

A lot of damage occurs here. All the medications push the toxins back into the body. You are happy, the doctor is happy but your body is not happy. The poisons won’t keep quiet. They attack major organs like lungs, kidneys etc. You have a major disease and need hospitalization.


Please be aware of what you are doing to your body. There are two factors that make you sick: Ignorance and negligence.

Some of the symptoms your body shows when it is filled with poisons toxins:

  • Dark colored, thick and smelly urine that may give burning sensation while urinating.
  •  Bad breath
  • Offensive smelling sweat
  • Skin diseases
  • Frequent attack of cold, fever and throat infections.
  • Intestinal worms.
All this happens because of constipation.

How do you get rid of skin diseases?

The only way is to get rid of constipation. Keep your colon clean. Once your colon is clean, the toxins in the body slowly go out and many related and seemingly unrelated health problems also disappear. People got rid of long standing migraine head ache after they are cured of constipation. Knowing the main causes of constipation is a must to avoid them.

Ten steps to get rid of constipation:

  1. Go for colon cleanse
  2.  Drink enough water. Know all about the importance of drinking water.
  3. Eat healthy and nutritious diet
  4. Avoid low fiber foods
  5. Avoid polished grains like white rice, polished wheat etc.
  6. See that you have sufficient fiber content in your diet.
  7. Avoid fast foods and junk foods.
  8. Have sufficient physical exercise.
  9. Avoid stress and tension. Meditation and yoga will help.
  10.  Finally, avoid your past coming back into the present. Regretting for the past mistakes and wrong decisions can make your life miserable, upsetting the physical and mental harmony, causing constipation and skin diseases.

Constipation Side Effects
  1. Stomach gas and bloating
  2. External and Internal Hemorrhoids
  3. Intestinal Worms - Pin Worms
  4. Stomach Parasites - Hook Worms
  5. Intestinal Parasites - Tape Worms


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