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Your Guide for Choosing The Best Colon Cleanse

What is colon cleansing? Which is the best colon cleanse?

Colon cleanse is a procedure to remove stool and flush out parasites from the colon.
Colon cleansing is done if

  • You suffer from long standing constipation / and its harmful side effects. Constipation causes accumulation of rotten or decomposed stool as a thick lining on the walls of the colon. It becomes a breeding ground for disease causing parasites. Unclean colon makes re-absorption of toxins into the blood. Colon cleansing is the first step before treating constipation.
  • Before certain medical procedures like surgery, colonoscopy etc.
There are two types of procedures:
  1. Colonic irrigation
    Colonic irrigation involves injecting plain water or water mixed with herbs or other cleansing supplements into the colon through the rectum. Water is injected using special equipment or by natural pressure. For this procedure, either you go to a practitioner or you do it at home.
  2. Oral cleansing supplements
    Some of the oral supplements are - dietary fiber, laxatives, enzymes, herbs, powders, capsules etc.
Many colon cleansing supplements are available in the market. Some of them are given attractive names to lure people. Two of the terms used most are ‘natural colon cleansers’ and ‘herbal colon cleansers’. Such names do not guarantee safety.

Since there is no regulating body to assure quality, potency and safety of these products, be careful in selecting them.

Which products are good? I can’t recommend any one because; I didn’t try any of them. That doesn’t mean to say not to use them. You may use after verifying thoroughly. But, I am going to suggest you the best colon cleanse, the one I used and continue to use.

Is colon cleansing really required? Does colon cleansing work?

Many argue that colon cleansing is not needed. Colon has the ability to clear its contents naturally through its peristaltic movement. The statement is very true. Not only colon, our entire body has the ability to repair, recharge, detoxify and clean itself.

At the same time, it is also true that humans are suffering from so many diseases – every organ from head to toe is affected. New and more dangerous diseases are surfacing each day in spite of so many super specialty hospitals, doctors specialized in each organ, new drugs and most modern clinical equipment.


Can our body really repair and cleanse itself? It can and it does, provided, we allow it. Majority of health problems are due to our interference with its functioning. As an example, your car will give continuous trouble free service if and only if you follow certain guidelines given by the manufacturer.

Your body also has certain needs. If you provide them (and only them) in the right quantity at the right time, you get a trouble free service - no health problems for life.

But, we misuse our body so much in every possible way by ignorance or indifference. When we get into trouble, we are forced to look for external processes like the best colon cleanse. How do we mistreat our body?

Our body has seven basic needs. Let us see how we deny our body of these basic needs.
  1. Air
    Our breathing technique is flawed. The air is contaminated with smoke and chemicals.
  2. Water
    It is the most neglected need. We don’t drink the right quantity of water at the right time. Drinking water at the wrong time causes harm to the body.
  3. Food
    We eat the very unhealthy food. The food we eat is contaminated with chemicals, has zero fiber, depleted of nutrients, empty calories, nutrition unbalance etc. More chemicals are pumped into the body through medications.
  4. Exercise
    Many of us have very little or no exercise, either too busy or too lazy.
  5. Proper waste removal
    We have constipation – clogged colon with toxins and decomposed stool. We don’t like to urinate – chemical and toxins re-enter blood. We don’t like to sweat, so use body sprays – escape of toxins through the skin is also blocked.
  6. Sufficient rest
    We hardly give any rest to the body – body gets no time for repair and recharge.
  7. Healthy mind
    Stressful present day lifestyle, always on the run, corrupt thoughts – we have very unhealthy mind.
If we don’t provide even one of the seven needs of the body properly, how can one expect it to do its job properly?

That is why the need for processes like colon cleansing arises. Once you start respecting your body’s needs - give what your body wants and don’t do anything that is harmful to it, your health problems start disappearing one by one. That is guaranteed.

Ok. The discussion got deviated from the main subject – the best colon cleanse.

Colon cleansing side effects

Depending on the method you use, you are likely to get different side effects.
  • Dehydration. Flushing out too much water from the colon can cause dehydration, which in turn results in dizziness and mineral unbalance.
  • If the cleanser is very strong, along with fecal matter, it can wash out some mucus lining of the colon walls. The presence of mucus should warn you.
  • During colon irrigation process, bowel perforation and infection can occur if not done carefully.
  • You may get symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bloating and cramps.
  • Some substances that are mixed with water during colon irrigation cause allergic reactions.
  • Long term use of colon cleansing will cause colon inertia – losing the natural ability to expel feces.
  • Some colon cleansing supplements interfere with the functioning of medication.
So, what is the perfect solution?

Which is the best colon cleanse ?

Colon cleansing enema with plain water is the best colon cleanse. I strongly recommend it because I used the process. However, you may verify the facts with your specialist doctor before doing it.

The advantages are:
  • It is a simple process, takes less than an hour.
  • You can do it in the comfort of your home, on any day you feel convenient. No appointment with expert, no fat fees to be paid.
  • None of the side effects of other cleansing processes, as no chemicals or supplements are added.
  • It is neither habit forming nor causes colon inertia.
  • The colon cleansing enema kit is very much affordable.
Read all about the best colon cleanse: Colon cleansing enema – How to do it.

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